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Refrigerated Storage – Campbellfield

PK Refrigerated Logistics and Services also offers refrigerated storage facilities for customers from Campbellfield or other suburbs of Melbourne. 

Importance of refrigerated storage.

Refrigerated storage plays a vital role in many industries nowadays; from the whole food distribution system, pharmaceutical products manufacturing and distribution as well as other chemical industries. Many of these industries cannot function properly and would surely collapse without proper refrigerated storage facilities. In the food industry, it is very important to keep an uninterrupted cold chain from the manufacturing of the product to the final distribution to the sales points. Even after the edible goods are bought, customers must make sure to keep this cold chain intact to ensure that their products are still edible. The same goes for the pharmaceutical industry. Many medicines would simply not make it to the patients without proper refrigerated storage facilities.

Contact PK Refrigerated Logistics and Services for the refrigerated storage of your edible or pharmaceutical goods in the regions of Campbellfield, Dandenong, Laverton or other neighbouring suburbs of Melbourne.