Distribution and storage facilities

135-137 Cheltenham Road (cnr Sinclair Road)

3175 Dandenong South - VIC

Cold Storage – Laverton

Get high quality cold storage facilities with PK Refrigerated Logistics and Services whether you are from Laverton or other suburbs of Melbourne.

How Cold storage has changed the world!

Cold Storage has greatly changed our consumption habits. Imagine not having a fridge at home! Our life would not be the same anymore, would it? Imagine having to buy milk and other similar perishable products on a daily basis! Not very practical; now imagine the same, but on a much greater scale. The meat, vegetable, fruit and many other industries would simply not be able to survive. We live in a world of consumerism where we are encouraged to always buy more and more. Together with other important factors, our world has been able to evolve as such with the perfection of cold storage facilities.

Hire the services of PK Refrigerated Logistics and Services for cold storage facilities whether you are from Laverton, Campbellfield, Dandenong or other neighbouring suburbs of Melbourne.